Friday, 15 November 2013

Trip Report Japan - Itami Airport RJOO/ITM, Part 1

Trip Report Japan - Itami Airport RJOO/ITM, Part 1

Osaka-Itami International Airport is the primary domestic airport for the Kansai region of Japan, including the major cities of Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe and is situated about 15kms from Osaka city.

There are three main viewing locations at Itami Airport.
The first location is conveniently located in the terminal on level 4 observation deck. This has great views over the parking bays and also panoramic views of both parallel runways. The second location is located directly under the approach of runway 32L and this offers great views not only of aircraft flying low overhead but also clear views of the aircraft touching down and lining up. The last location is located on the opposite side of the airport and is know as Itami Sky Park. This park is located right next to the runway and runs for approximately 1km, as a result there are many angles along the runway for either great landing or takeoff shots with a stunning backdrop of the Itami Airport terminal.

Photographs below from Itami Airport terminal.

Itami Airport from Terminal.

JA04RJ CRJ2 IBEX from terminal.

JA751J B773 JAL from terminal.

JA655J B763 JAL from terminal.

Itami Airport from terminal.

JA771J B772 JAL, One World scheme.

JA821A B788 ANA from terminal.

JA849C DH8D JAL from terminal.

JA856A DH8D ANA, Eco Friendly scheme.

JA8674 B763 ANA's 60th year anniversary special livery
"Yume jet -You&Me-".

JA8985 B772 JAL in "Tokyo Disney Resort" livery,
with JA659J JAL B763 in background.

ANA tails at Itami Airport from Terminal.

Itami Airport from terminal.

Itami Airport from terminal.

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