Sunday, 20 November 2016

Atsugi NAF Open Day report 30 Apr 2016

Atsugi is shore base for CVW-5 (NF) aircraft component when the carrier is in homeport Yokosuka.  Current carrier is CVN-76 ‘Ronald Reagan’

Atsugi base sign

MH-60R ‘700’ of HSM-77 ‘Sabrehawks’

F/A-18E ‘400’of VFA-195 ‘Dambusters’

F/A-18E ‘300’ of VFA-115 ‘Eagles’

EA-18G Growler ‘500’ of VAQ 141 ‘Shadowhawks’

E2C 165812 ‘600’ of VAW115 ‘Liberty Bells’

F/A-18F ‘100’ of VFA-102 ‘Diamondbacks’

C-2 ‘24’ of VRC-30-DET 5

CVW-5 chevron markings (left) on this VFA115 F/A-18E

167016 ‘TA’ MH-60R of HSM-51‘Warlords’

165815 E-2C ‘601’in low-viz finish taxies by crowd line

EA-18G Growler ‘504’ of VAQ141 with folded wings

Thanks to GAFLIKS for this report.

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