Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Japan autumn round up 2015 - 6. Naha

6. Naha

Located on the southern part of Okinawa Island, Naha AB hosts JASDF units F-15J/DJ fighter aircraft, Kawasaki T-4 trainers, E-2C aircraft, UH-60J Black Hawk and CH-47J Chinook Helicopters. Units of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force are also based at Naha, flying P-3 Orion patrol aircraft.

5096 P-3 lining up RWY 36 at Naha.

44-3463 E-2C landing at Naha.

12-8924 F-15 landing at Naha.

82-1155 YS-11EB landing at Naha.

92-3026 U-125A landing at Naha.

95-1081 C130H landing at Naha.

5035 taxiing to the P3 ramp at Naha.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Japan autumn round up 2015 - 5. Hamamatsu JASDF

5. Hamamatsu JASDF

The base lies to the north of the city and houses the T-4 Trainers of 31 and 32 Kyoiku Hikotai. It is also home to the AWACS E-767 fleet of 602 Hikotai.  The Kohokan Aerospace Museum is situated at the SE corner of the airfield and displays a variety of exhibits.

P-1 5510 the latest example delivered

E-767 74-3503 departs on another mission

a pair of T-4 residents rotate for a session of circuit training

dusk arrival for E-2C 34-3460 from Misiwa based 601 Hikotai

U-4 75-3251 of 402 Hikotai from Iruma

the highly popular Blue Impulse aerobatic team flying T-4's,
perform at some 18 shows in the season

the splendidly presented and long retired C-46A 91-1138 is displayed outside the museum

Report by GAFLIKS.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Japan autumn round up 2015 - 4. Gifu

4. Gifu

Situated in the eastern outskirts of the city, the Gifu base houses the Air Development and Test Facility for the JASDF.   Its role could be considered the Japanese equivalent of the RAE at Farnborough, UK.  The inventory here includes examples of F-4EJ, F-15J, F-2A/B, T-4, C-1FTB, XC-2. The annual airshow was held in Oct this year. Nearby on the south eastern side of the field is the splendid Kamigahara Aerospace and Science Museum, displaying a number of Japanese experimental prototypes.

a black trimmed F-4EJ performs some passes
a black trimmed F-4EJ performs some passes

an XC-2 in JASDF trim climbs out

a pair of F-2's make a sharp angle

F-2 in a tight turn

C-1 offering some angles

mass fly-by of some of the participants

US-1 9078, one of the exhibits at the museum

Report by GAFLIKS.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Japan autumn round up 2015 - 3. Nagoya/Komaki‏

3. Nagoya/Komaki‏

Located on the eastern side of Nagoya Airport, Komaki JASDF airbase hosts the 401 Hikotai operating C-130H Hercules and a sole KC-130H.  Also resident are the KC-767J tankers of 404 Hikotai.  Mitsubishi Aerospace Industries has a large manufacturing and maintenance centre on the airfield.  The JASDF are a major customer.

C-130H 75-1078 wearing the blue scheme rotates off rw34

C-130H 45-1074 in c'mflgd finish continuing its circuit bashing,
it is reported that the blue scheme will be phased out for the c'mflgd finish

sole KC-130H tanker 85-1080 arriving after a mission

KC-767J 87-3604 departs on a mission

an anonymous JASDF F-4EJ taxies to the run-up bay
following servicing at Mitsubishi

Report by GAFLIKS

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Japan autumn round up 2015 - 2. JASDF HYAKURI-true Phantom country

2. JASDF HYAKURI-true Phantom country

Located 80km NE of the Tokyo metropolitan area in rural surroundings near the town of Tsuchiura, Hyakuri is home to the Hikotai 302 and 501 operating the F4EJ Kai and RF-4EJ respectively.  Also in residence is the 305 Hikotai equipped with the F-15J/DJ and the T-4.

The base will lose their F-15's which will move to Nyutabaru in the new year but will inherit the F-4EJ Kai's of 301 Hikotai from the latter base making Hyakuri the largest F-4 base in the country.
1571 57-6914 an RF-4EJ of Hikotai 501 rotates off rw21R

1588 RF-4EJ 47-6901 of Hik 501 replendent in an overall blue finish

1770 friendly chaps these Phantom jocks

1809 an RF-4EJ banks around the airfield

1832 a pair of RF-4EJ's return to dispersal 

1622 22-8812 F-15J of Hik 501 rotates off rw21R

1670 F-15 52-8854 coasts by your photographer on landing

1715 a trio of F-15's from Hik 305 taxi out for a mission
Report by GAFLIKS

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Japan autumn round up 2015 - 1. US NAVY Naval Air Facilty (NAF) Atsugi

1. US NAVY Naval Air Facilty (NAF) Atsugi

Located SW of Tokyo, Atsugi is the shore base for the US Navy's Carrier Air Wing 5 (CVW-5) when not operating at sea off the current carrier 'Ronald Reagan' (CVN-76), home based at nearby Yokosuka.
The station is shared with the Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF) operating P-1, P-3, YS-11M, LC-90, US-2 and SH-60K.

1306 KC-130T 163591 USN 'RU'

1328 UC-12F 163562 USN based

1358 LC-90 61-9302 JMSDF

1368 5057 P-3C JMSDF

1378 9901 US-2 JMSDF

1384 9901 US-2 JMSDF

1412 C-2A 162173 '24' USN VRC-30 'RR'

1433 C-2A 162152 '32' USN VRC-30 'RR'

Report by GAFLIKS

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

CWP HF Log 30/11/2015

SXI1245 – POSN 07.20N 153.33E 2200Z F100 TKK 2234Z DEST/WABB

FNY5425 – ...

PETRO61 – SEL/JPCR wrkg SFO, RICHH2301 F340 FR159.0 MONPI2337 ASEDA NXT    PGUA-JAPN track


File Picture - 58-0093 K35R

Friday, 24 July 2015

CWP Log 24/7/2015

CWP LOG 24/7/2015
SUMO41 - KRONK 09N160E 0016 09N165E 0115 DEST PKWA/0148 C30J
FO373 - SEL/CQHP F230 19N130E 0200 TILLY0244 KITSS0405 
HAVOC12 - 11N140E 11N136E 11N131E 11N130E F270 WRKG SFO 0227
RCH452 - wrkg SFO 0310
EAGLE81 - TILLY0319 F230 KYWEE0346 LADSS RQ F250 0320 SEL/GRBE
CNV7017 - CAHYO F230 TNUGE 0340
RCH0451 - REG/700451 SEL/BQAG 0425
File Picture - K35R

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Iwakuni Friendship Day 2015 Air Show, Part 2

Iwakuni MCAS - Friendship Day 03 May 2015
Joint Japan-US Airshow
Report by GAFLIKS
Part 2
166915 F/A-18F Super Hornet USN VFA-102 ‘NF’ CVW-5 off USS George  Washington (CVN-73)

0327  166713 UC-35D  USMC based Futenma

165685 F/A-18D Hornet USMC VMFA242 ‘DT’ ‘BATS’ home based Iwakuni

60081  C-12J USAF  based Yokota

90-0824 F-16CM 14FS/35FW ‘WW’ based Misawa

163888 EA-6B Prowler USMC VMAQ-2 ‘CY’ home based Iwakuni
2 x F/A-18D Hornets USMC (VMFA 242) and 1 x EA-6B USMC (VMAQ-2)

166942 EA-18G Growler USN VAQ-135 ‘NL’ based Atsugi