Friday, 25 November 2016

Japan Air show autumn 2016 round up - Yokota

2. YOKOTA Air Festival 17/18 September


Yokota Air Base in western Tokyo is the US Air Forces major logistic base in Japan.  The base is home to the 374th Air Wing (YJ) operating the C-130H Hercules.  Weekly operations see numerous C-17 and C-5 traffic from mainland USA as well as a variety of visiting USAF types in the region. The sprawling ramp allows for a comfortable visit despite the huge crowds.  A selection of images from the static display is posted below.

air festival banner

60082 based C-12J


based C-130H’s of the 374th AW

RF-4J of 501 Hikotai

F-2 of 3 Hikotai wearing their 60th Anniv tail marks

F-16’s from 51FW/7th AF‘OS’ based Osan South Korea

A-10 from 51FW Osan

MC-130H of 353SOG Kadena

Fussa entrance gate

Thanks to GAFLIKS for this report.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Japan Air show autumn 2016 round up - Misawa

1. MISAWA Air Festival Sep 11


Misawa AB is located on the outskirts of the town, in Aomori Prefecture northern Honshu.  It is home to the 35th FW US Air Force operating the F-16CM, the 3rd and 8th Hikotai JASDF with Mitsubishi F-2A/B’s and the 601 Hikotai operating E-2C’s.  It also houses an US Navy facility. A small civil air terminal is located at the eastern end of the airfield. A selection of images from the static and flying is attached below.

entrance to the US facility

an F-2 being towed to a QRA shelter

EA-18G Growler US Navy from VAQ138 ‘NL512’

MH-53E US Navy HM-14 ‘BJ554’

4 x F-16CM of 35FW ‘WW’ fly by

RQ-4B Global Hawk 08-2034 ‘GF’ 248RS 9th RS
(Guam Detachment)

The T-4’s of the Blue Impulse performed

91505 KC-135R of Tennessee ANG landing RW28

F-2 on take off

base operations office

Thanks to GAFLIKS for providing this report.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Atsugi NAF Open Day report 30 Apr 2016

Atsugi is shore base for CVW-5 (NF) aircraft component when the carrier is in homeport Yokosuka.  Current carrier is CVN-76 ‘Ronald Reagan’

Atsugi base sign

MH-60R ‘700’ of HSM-77 ‘Sabrehawks’

F/A-18E ‘400’of VFA-195 ‘Dambusters’

F/A-18E ‘300’ of VFA-115 ‘Eagles’

EA-18G Growler ‘500’ of VAQ 141 ‘Shadowhawks’

E2C 165812 ‘600’ of VAW115 ‘Liberty Bells’

F/A-18F ‘100’ of VFA-102 ‘Diamondbacks’

C-2 ‘24’ of VRC-30-DET 5

CVW-5 chevron markings (left) on this VFA115 F/A-18E

167016 ‘TA’ MH-60R of HSM-51‘Warlords’

165815 E-2C ‘601’in low-viz finish taxies by crowd line

EA-18G Growler ‘504’ of VAQ141 with folded wings

Thanks to GAFLIKS for this report.