Monday, 23 December 2013

Dash 8-300 C-GXXD CWP

C-GXXD DH8C noted working Tokyo enroute RCTP-PGSN.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Log 21/12/2013

CWP/SP 21/12

N777KK – wrkg AKL, IBESO GS nxt= 2309    NSTU-NZRO

FNY5435 – wrkg AKL, advd to ctc NSFA= 2306    NTAA-NSFA 80

N8152E – wrkg SFO= 2333      PGUM-RKPC C208

VHJCR – wrkg SFO BLK F390/400, SEL/….= 2354      

N528AP – F450, wrkg AKL= 0007

CNV3664 – wrkg SFO, 07N140E 0014 BLK F190/210 07N145E 0124 07N150E NXT= 0015

SUMO43 – RICHH0016 F200 MONPI0106 ASEDA SEL/FMEJ, CTC TOKYO 11384/8903= 0017


SKIER77 – AKL WRKG A/C F230= 0240

N163FJ – PEBTA OPABA OLENG0610, WRKG BNE/SEA= 0452    YBCS-VHHH FA7X     <12/21/13 04:54:06> Selcal: ERFQ

CNV3664 – ON GND PKMJ= 0734

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Trip Report Japan - Kadena AB RODN/DNA Part 1

Kadena Air Base is a United States Air Force base in the towns of Kadena and Chatan and the city of Okinawa in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Kadena Air Base is the hub of U.S. airpower in the Pacific, and home to the USAF's 18th Wing and a variety of associate units. Associate units operate more than 20 permanently assigned, forward-based or deployed aircraft from the base on a daily basis.

  • 18th Wing
    Kadena Air Base is the home to the Air Force's largest combat wing—the 18th Wing—and a variety of associate units. Nearly 18,000 Americans and more than 4,000 Japanese employees and contractors make up Team Kadena. The wing is broken down into five groups, the 18th Operations Group, the 18th Maintenance Group, the 18th Mission Support Group, the 18th Civil Engineer Group and the 18th Medical Group. Kadena's fleet of F-15C/D Eagles (the 44th and  67th Fighter Squadrons); KC-135R/T Stratotankers (the 909th Air Refueling Squadron); E-3B/C Sentries (the 961st Airborne Air Control Squadron); HH-60 Pave Hawks (the 33d Rescue Squadron); MC-130H Combat Talon IIs; MC-130P Combat Shadows; RC- and WC- 135s; and Navy P-3 Orions project U.S. deterrence throughout the Western Pacific and South-East Asia, promoting regional peace and stability.

  • Associate units:
    • 353d Special Operations Group
      The flying squadrons operate the MC-130P Combat Shadow, MC-130H Combat Talon II.
    • 733rd Air Mobility Squadron
      The more than 320 people of the 733rd Air Mobility Squadron manage all passengers and cargo traveling by air in and out of Kadena. This Air Mobility Command unit supports about 650 aircraft arrivals and departures every month, moving more than 12,000 passengers and nearly 3,000 tons of cargo.
    • 82d Reconnaissance Squadron
      Air Combat Command's 82d Reconnaissance Squadron maintains aircraft; prepares combat-ready aircrews; and analyzes, processes, and disseminates intelligence data launch in support of RC-135V/W Rivet Joint, RC-135U Combat Sent and WC-135 Constant Phoenix missions flown in the Pacific Theater.
    • 390th Intelligence Squadron
      Air Intelligence Agency's 390th Intelligence Squadron conducts information operations by providing tailored combat intelligence and assessing the security of friendly command, control, communication and computer systems to enhance warfighting survivability, situation awareness and targeting.
    • U.S. Army
      1st Battalion, 1st Air Defence Artillery REgiment (United States), assigned to the 94th AAMDC.
    Kadena Air Park with CT-39A Sabreliner 62-4484
    in background

    Quonset Hut at Kadena AB.

    F-4C Phantom 64-0913 at Kadena AB.

    F-15 Eagle AF78-0088 at Kadena AB.

    F-15 Eagle at Kadena AB.

    F-100 Sabre 63277 at Kadena AB.

    F-105F Thunderbolt 62-4418 at Kadena AB.

    F-105F Thunderbolt 62-4418 at Kadena AB.

    F-86F Sabre 24341 at Kadena AB.

    T-33A Shooting Star TR612 at Kadena AB.

    F-4C Phantom at Kadena AB.

    Monday, 16 December 2013

    Log 16/12/2013

    CWP/SP 16/12/2013

    SKIER71 – AKL WRKG A/C, CLR …. To NZDN= 0122
    BSK229 - KEITH AVLAS 0207 RODN/0244= 0125       B738 PGWT-RODN-    <12/16/13 04:55:48> Selcal: LRFK
    JAPAN NAVY 61 – MONPI 0133 F210 RICHH0224 DEST/PGUA= 0133
    JAPAN NAVY 63 – MONPI 0137 F190 RICHH0231 DEST/PGUA= 0137
    N7237X – WRKG BNE TEBUR0153 = 0149    NSTU-YBCG
    SUMO41 – WRKG SFO SEL/ = 0158    <12/16/13 01:58:56> Selcal: CQRS  <12/16/13 01:59:56> Selcal: DMAF
    JAF131 – F200 PKMJ0210 CURCH0244 NDJ NXT, SEL/AHJR= 0201    <12/16/13 02:01:49> Selcal: AHJR
    SUMO61 – CLRD PKWA= 0222
    LL3301 – REECE SYSTA F240, WRKG SFO= 0249
    SANTA72 – OPS NML CALL= 0305
    SANTA71 – RQ IFR CLR PGUA, TKK 0440 F180 GUNSS NXT = 0424
    LL3301 – SYSTA0426 F240 REECE0450 NATIE NXT= 0434    PHNL-PGUA track
    N888GX – WRKG NADI= 0508

    Friday, 13 December 2013

    Log 13/12/2013

    CWP 13/12/2013

    LL3305 – MIKYY0135 F240 KEITH0300 SALVA NXT M17 11423 FR44.0, NEG SEL EQ= 0135   

    SANTA42 – PIGFA0334 F180 DEST/ FALALOP IS. FOR 1 HR= 0336

    SUMO60 – 12N150E 0335 F230 12N155E 0437 10N160E NXT DEST/PKWA= 0340

    SANTA41 – VFR FLT 08N137E 0420 VFR LAE 0420= 0354

    TORA?83 - DEP/RODN DEST/PGUA REG/80123S    <12/13/13 03:58:47> Selcal: JSBR

    VVLF438 – 21N170W 0350 F320 //0512 38N170E= 0400   <12/13/13 04:00:37> Selcal: GKQS = 168438 P-8 (TBC)

    GIA8011 – WRKG SFO= <12/13/13 04:35:36> Selcal: DRHJ

    VVLF430 – WRKG SFO= 0441

    168429 P-8 at RODN, Picture provided.

    "Santa" comes to the Caroline Islands in the western Pacific

    For more than 60 years, Airmen have flown over the Micronesian islands around Christmas, dropping donated goods in makeshift bundles to help more than 30,000 islanders inhabiting tiny islands spread across an area roughly the combined size of Alaska and Texas. The yearly endeavor, called Operation Christmas Drop, is the longest-running humanitarian airlift mission in the world.

    Today SANTA41 and SANTA42 were heard approaching the Islands of Falalop, part of Ulithi Atoll in the Caroline Islands.

    74-2061 C130H Yokota based. Picture taken at RODN.

    Sunday, 8 December 2013

    Log 8/12/2013

    CWP/SP 8/12/2013

    QFA6027 – wrkg BNE= 2048    <12/07/13 20:48:05> Selcal: EPHS = VH-TJR B734 YSSY-NSFA

    CNV3561 – 07N170E to PGUA, F200 NDJ LOOIS= 2116

    BKI01 – CLR PKMJ-RPVM = 2118   <12/07/13 21:18:23> Selcal: AJPQ

    CSH572 – wrkg SFO arr’d PKMJ= 2240   <12/07/13 23:15:18> Selcal: AQKR

    SUMO41 – radio check with SFO SEL/GHCL= 0338    <12/08/13 03:39:45> Selcal: GHCL

    KANTO72 – TOESS0344 WINZR0416 UNZ NXT= 0347

    SUMO42 – MIKYY0650 F220 KEITH0832 SALVA NXT= 0651     <12/08/13 06:24:51> Selcal: FMEJ

    CNV7982 – WRKG TOKYO, VASKO0713 F210 OMLET0805 CTC SFO= 0715


    Trip Report Japan - Naha Airport ROAH/OKA Part 5

    Trip Report Japan - Naha Airport ROAH/OKA Part 5

    Various pictures from Naha Airport.

    5030 P3 JMSDF at Naha Airport.

    37-8321 F-4 (Static) at Naha Airport.

    JSDF F15's at Naha Airport.

    JSDF F15's and E-2's at Naha Airport.

    JA73NX B738 Skymark at Naha Airport.

    JA8674 B763 ANA at Naha Airport.

    JA8973 DH8A RAC at Naha Airport.

    JA8982 B772 JAL at Naha Airport.

    Domestic Terminal at Naha Airport.

    Domestic Terminal at Naha Airport.

    Terminal at Naha Airport.

    Freight Ramp and City in background at Naha Airport.

    Friday, 6 December 2013

    Log 6/12/2013

    CWP 6/12/2013

    Coast Guard Rescue 1711 - wrkg SFO at present heading for PTPN.

    REPAT66 – CALLS SFO= 0917     12/06/13 09:19:24> Selcal: ERDP

    JAF201 – WRKG TOKYO SEL/CJAH= 0930      <12/06/13 09:29:37> Selcal: CJAH = B762 07-3604

    SUMO07 – MONPI1039 F210 RICHH1126 SEL/GHCL= 1043

    Monday, 2 December 2013

    Trip Report Japan - Naha Airport ROAH/OKA Part 4

    Trip Report Japan - Naha Airport ROAH/OKA Part 4

    Mixture of photographs from both Senaga jima and the Naha Airport Terminal.

    22-8931 F15 JSDF at Naha Airport.

    12-3016 U125A JSDF at Naha Airport.

    32-8941 F15 JSDF at Naha Airport.

    57-4493 CH47J JSDF at Naha Airport.

    HL-7555 B738 Jin Air at Naha Airport.

    JA9929 Bell 212 Japan Coast Guard at Naha Airport.

    5035 P3 JMSDF at Naha Airport.

    5035 P3 JMSDF at Naha Airport.

    5065 P3 JMSDF at Naha Airport.

    02-1159 YS-11EB JSDF at Naha Airport.

    JA807P A320 Peach at Naha Airport.